Job Cost Accountant - Stockton CA

In determining the actual wage for the position of Job Cost Accountant at our facility located in Stockton,
California, Patriot Construction, Inc. considers the following factors:

(1) Experience, including whether the candidate has been previously employed in this
position, the length of any such employment, the type of employment (e.g., whether
supervisory in nature), and the depth and breadth of such experience;

(2) Educational background, including the level of education obtained, the existence of
special academic achievements (such as superior class rank or other distinction, and the
reputation of the educational facility/ies attended;

(3) Job responsibility and function, including nature of duties and responsibilities to be
performed and degree of supervision to be exercised;

(4) Possession of specialized knowledge, skills or training;

(5) Current rates of pay of other employees in the organization or group and their relative
positions; and

(6) Other indicators of performance and/or ability, including job references, performance
evaluations, awards, achievements and/or accomplishments.

The actual wage for the position is $53,830 per year. The H-1B candidate to whom this LCA pertains will
be paid said wage, consistent with the above factors.

Periodic wage adjustments to the actual wage in question are made to reflect employee annual increases,
cost-of-living adjustments, moves to a greater responsibility level, increases in entry-level pay that affect
the overall salary structure.Type your paragraph here.


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